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Organisation Chart


Accounts Department



PFA is the overall in charge of Accounts Department. The contact Nos.are: 2306239 (DOT-Office),  2302490 (DOT-Residence), 6100 (Railway-Office)  and 6101 (Railway-Residence).


Dy.FA & CAO-I is the Controlling officer of Administration, Finance, Books & Budget including Cash & Pay  office, Accrual Accounting , Store Bill Section. APIO/Accounts under ITR  act/2005 QU in charge of   ISO/9001-2000, 14000-18000 (OHSAS). He is responsible for work  pertaining to these sections. His office is  situated in Admn. Building of DMW/Patiala . The contact Nos. are: 2306228 (DOT-Office), 6102 (Railway Office).


Dy. FA & CAO-II is the Controlling officer of Establishment (Gaz and non-Gaz), Store Accounts & Stock   Verification,  PF & Pension, Workshop Accounts, Incentive and TKO, Store  Accounts. He is responsible for  work pertaining to  these sections.His office is situated in Admn. Building  of DMW/Patiala. The Contact No. are:  2396104 (Office), 2396049 (Res)

Other Controlling officers of Accounts Department and their duties.

Name of the officer(Sh/Smt)
Rama Kanta Sharma
2.Books & Budget including cash Office.
3. Accrual Accounting. 
Ramesh Kumar
1.Expenditure Section
2.Stores Finance
Ved Prakash
1.Finance Works, M&P, Estt. Misc
2.Stores Account/Stock Verification Section.
3.Workshop Accounts Section & TKO
Raghuvir Singh
Details and Functions of Sections.

 Administration Section

This section deals with cadre i.e. Appointment, retirement, Inter-Railway Transfers, Promotions of Non-Gazetted/Gazetted staff, maintenance of Seniority List of all cadres of Accounts Deptt. including TKO, Personal Loans and Advances to staff and officers of Accounts Deptt. Personal Files and Leave Accounts of Non-Gazetted staff are also dealt in this section. Monitoring of court cases are also done by this section.

 Books & Budget Section.

Preparation of  Budget Estimate & Revised Estimate, maintenance of Monthly & Annual account and appropriation Account & review of budget.Exchequer control, maintenance of Cash Book, submission of  information pertaining to Accounts of DMW are dealt in the section. Payment to outside parties & staff is made through electronic mode & cheques/DDs in the section. 

Cash & Pay Office.

Deals with Misc receipt of cash/DDs/Cheques etc. and remittance into Bank. 

Accrual Accounting

Preparation & updation of fixed Assets register and preparation of financial statements based on Accrual Accounting.

Expenditure Section

Passing of bills of contractors, Advertisement etc, review of material at site account, internal check of contingent expenditure through imprest of all departments, maintenance of work registers and revenue allocation registers and their reconciliation with General books.


Policy letter regarding GST are circulated to the concerned sections for implementation .

Store Bills Section

The section is entrusted to make payments to suppliers against their claim within the stipulated period and release their FDR/BG’s etc. promptly after the completion of supply etc.

Efficiency Section

This section has been entrusted with the work of issuing of privilege/duty/complimentary passes/PTOs to staff and officers of Accounts Deptt. Disposal of Accounts Inspection Reports Pt-I and II and Audit Inspection/Objections are done by this Section.  Issue of stationery and other T&P items.  The section also deals Audit Objection & Accounts Inspection and its disposal. Maintenance of record of D&AR cases,

Finance Works Section

Scrutiny of proposals from financial angle as well finance concurrence are accorded to the proposals for inclusion in M&P and works programme etc. Vetting of Contract agreements Tender documents, Work Orders.

Stores Accounts Section

Maintenance and review of suspense accounts : Purchase and Sales, Stores-in-Transit and their conciliation with General Books, refund of earnest money and security deposits, evaluation of issue notes and receipt notes, operation of stock adjustment accounts, preparation of annual statements of stores transaction and inventory control.

Stock Verification Section

Stock Verification Section has been assigned the work of verifications of Stores in hand in Stores Depot and to conduct the suspense infractions.

Workshop Account Section

The section is entrusted with the work of maintaining WMS Account and WGR etc. calculation of labour hour rates, manufactured item rates and overhead rates, raising of debits for rebuilding of locos and other manufactured items to concerned units are done in the section. Bills pertaining to incentive in respect of workshop staff are also checked and passed in the section for charging payment of incentive.

Time Keeping Office

This office has assigned the punching of GA Cards and preparation of Salary and incentive bills of workshop staff.


Passing of monthly pay bills of Gazetted and Non-Gazetted including workshop staff, maintenance of salary audit registers and cadre and scale check registers. Maintenance of suspense registers for various advances given to staff and officers and review of suspense balances, vetting of LPC and pay fixation sheets.

Provident Fund & Pension

Maintenance of Provident Fund Ledger and calculation of interest thereon, comparison of balances of P.F. Ledgers at the end of the year carried over to the next year, annual closing of P.F. Account, issuing of P.F. Slips subscribers. Review of un posted items and accounts and closed accounts, check of the rate of monthly pension, amount of commuted pension, and issue of pension payment orders.

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